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Turning A Tragedy into a Triumph!

One question we get asked a lot is...why? What makes a kid at the age of 14, want to cut grass in the Kentucky heat dead center of summer? It's deeper than the media has time to explain. So, here is a simple realistic version.  Travis lost the most important person to him at the age of 12, his best friend, his heart, his no. 1 "homie", his dad! He was his father's only child, his paternal granny's only grand son, so you can imagine the love that he was showered with from birth. When you have a kid that has been loved and disciplined by the hero in his life, it is more than difficult to substitute that person when life keeps going but, his hero is no longer here to save the day! A young black teenage child, living in the west end of Louisville, dealing with issues you don't imagine a child dealing with. Other than the loss of his dad, he is exposed to murders every other day, robberies right in front of him, neighborhood gang activity, drug usage on the streets, bully's in the school. This is the normal life of our youth today. There is nothing to keep them occupied and out of trouble, so eventually, a weak mind will give in. We decided as a family, that therapy couldn't hurt! We are a blended family so we ALL do what is need to ensure we're ALL on the right path on this journey in life. Communication! The most important thing we learned was we need to be able for our kids to communicate what is happening in their world. Adults get so caught up in work and taking care of the house hold, we forget that our kids have a life outside of what is displayed to their parents. It can be uncomfortable at times but, no one said parenting is comfortable. During our sessions in therapy, we discovered that cutting grass was therapeutic for Travis. When he is having a "bad day", dealing with many of life's issues, he starts getting depressed, missing his dad. The one person he could talk to about anything! He expressed that mowing lawns helps him remember some of the best moments he spent with his dad. Something in his heart just clicks, like a bond with his pops. 

Thus, the phone call to mom at work prompted an idea. A memory of his complaint of how terrible the neighbor leaves his property was a perfect opportunity for him to learn a lesson. Don't just complain about an issue in your neighborhood, be the solution! 

Craftsmanship perfected by giving

Our journey began when we noticed that some of our neighbors were unable to maintain their yard.  Some were elderly and their health prevented them from working in the heat.  Single family homes who couldn't afford the proper equipment, or who had children too young to help out with the lawn.  Disabled people who would love to maintain their own yard but, are unable to do so because of their condition.  Even the abandon homes that had been trashed and vandalized in the neighborhood (among other struggles in our community) had become a burden and eyesore that effected our outlook on poverty within our own community,  we are exposed to it on a daily basis. It Takes A Village, Together We Stand Strong was then developed and put into motion. It does take a village, to work with the family, to raise a child and weather the storms of life. If we want that kind of support, the place to begin is with ourselves. Community, like charity, begins at home. You start building a good neighborhood when you yourself decide that you will be a good neighbor. Our family decided that we were going to start within ourselves by providing Free Lawn Care Services to our neighbors and expanded throughout our community.  By accepting only donations for our work, we have been provided an opportunity to continue our good deeds and provide the best lawn and landscape service available, now as Unkuhrupted. 



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Elderly and disabled homes will continue to receive services free of charge. 

Turned a Tragedy into a Triumph!



These boys stopped by my property today and did such an amazing job. I will be making a donation to their go fund me. These boys deserve everything good that has happened to them since they started this project.
— SaVanna Starkey
These wonderful young men are here now and blessing me with some much needed lawn care....Couldn’t have come at a better time...I’m over the moon happy....I feel like I won the lottery or something lol...Thanks guys you rock.....It know it’s gonna look awesome....
— Amanda Rose
I live in green bay and i have been in landscaping for over 20 years. I think you men are truly amazing! Please read this message what your doing builds character, its not easy its labor intensive and some days just tough. But at the end of the day your karma and blessings will triple and you will feel amazing and what your doing know will last for a lifetime of good memories and possbily a really good business you willk have developed character and toughness needed in this ever changing world ! You guys are amazing i hope god is just so good to you , again all of you and whom ever is spending there hard earned money travelling for you , thank you from another state for keeping me in line with what the right thing to do is and being amazing people with big hearts and trust me when they say “God is good, all the time” blessing will follow and again you guys are awesome. Big hello and hugs from Green Bay. You guys rock!
— Steve Barnett
What an inspiration you are! You have helped restore my faith in humanity. God bless you, and keep up the good work!
— ‎Ashley Beesley



There are many things that we just don't have much control over. But things like helping a neighbor with yard work, giving food, offering suggestions and prayers to building a positive community is something that you can do, right here, right now, in the place where you are now -- whether or not you have a job, an education, or a car. We would like to be the first one on our block to reach out and touch our neighbor. Find -- together in Christ -- a new sense of purpose and life on our streets. Make our neighborhood our village and find the truth that humans have learned the hard way. United we stand, divided we fall -- cooperation is as important as competition. 



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